Exceptional smørrebrød at Selma Restaurant

Coming to Denmark you simply cannot miss out on our national treasure smørrebrød, the Danish word for open-faced sandwiched, which – to me – does not really cover what it is.

Smørrebrød is most of time based of on a piece of rye bread, which is more compact in its texture and more nutritious than normal white bread. The rye bread serves as the foundation for the all the various toppings that you will find when you go through the menu at one of the places to have smørrebrød.

Smørrebrød should be regarded as equal to any other type of (good) food, not just something to have for lunch. Smørrebrød can be very complex and elaborated and luckily several chefs have started to see the potential in it – previously it was not a job for “real” chefs to do smørrebrød. Continue reading

Gemyse – our vegetable oasis in Tivoli

When the new Tivoli season started at April 6th it was with several interesting gastronomic news.  The one that excites me the most is Gemyse, our new vegetable focused restaurant. “Gemüse” means vegetables in German and we have twisted that into a more Danish version. The new head chef, Christoffer Brink, underlines the level of ambition behind the restaurant. Together with his former colleague thought many years Jeppe Foldager he won the silver medal at Bocuse d’Or, the unofficial world championship, in 2013.


Gemyse is situated in the middle of Tivoli. The garden is only getting greener as we speak.

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