Gro Spiseri – organic rooftop dining at Østerbro

Location, location, location – sometimes it does matter. And makes the difference. If there is one restaurant in Copenhagen that lives up to that standard it is Gro Spiseri at ØsterGro, a rooftop garden in the Østerbro area of Copenhagen. ØsterGro works as a small garden for local members who take part in the work in return of vegetables, herbs and so in.

gro spiseri

The glass house is where the dinner will take place.

A couple of years, a restaurant called Stedsans was added to the rooftop. The incredibly successful restaurant decided to close last year and start a new project in Sweden called Stedsans in the woods.

Luckily, Gro Spiseri has taken over and continued a similar concept based on local organic and biodynamic produce from farms in and around Copenhagen. The dinner takes place in a glass house at a long table where you will get to talk to the other diners during the night.

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Apollo Bar – simple cooking in artistic surroundings

Things do not always have to be too complicated. That counts for food as well. Sometimes it just has to be simple, well-made and delicious. Sounds good? I have some great news for you!

apollo bar

Beautiful tartlets with mussel cream and fresh peas – one of the snacks at Apollo Bar.

Next to famous Nyhavn you will find Kunsthal Charlottenborg, a part of an old castle from the 1670’s. The building houses art educations and exhibitions and now also a restaurant.  The chef Frederik Bille Brahe – well-known to Copenhageners – has opened a combined canteen and bar in the building. In the canteen, students as well as “normal” people can get a well-made, cheap lunch based on fresh, daily changing produce, which makes it a perfect place to stop for lunch. The canteen is open from Monday to Friday from 11.30 am to 2 pm.

White asparagus, herbs and parmesan.

In the bar you can have cocktails, wine, snacks and a selection of dishes to choose from and I can highly recommend a visit based on the dishes I tried.

Simple and delicious
Back to the simple food i was about to introduce: Frederik Bille Brahe is not trying to make something too fancy. He believes in his cooking and dares to serve dished that are not flooded with dots, herbs etc. The turbot dish was a perfect example. Bille Brahe prepared the fresh fish before us and approx. 15 minutes later is was cooked to perfection and served with lovage purée and fresh green asparagus – summer on a plate; so fresh, so juicy, so perfect. I could not ask for more.

Turbot to die for – served with lovage and asparagus.

Apollo Bar & Canteen is a highly recommendable place for everyone, who just wants excellent cooking without fancy decorations. The atmosphere is very relaxed and you can always just drop by to have a nice glass of wine and a delicious plate of food. During the weekends, it is recommended to book in advance.

Apollo Bar
Nyhavn 2
1051 Copenhagen

The bar has the following opening hours:

Tues – Wed 8 – 17
Thurs – Fri 8 – 24
Saturday 10 – 24
Sunday 10 – 17
Monday closed


Chicks by Chicks – a chicken paradise

Chicks by chicks

As a hotel, we feel very privileged to have so many interesting restaurants and bars in our neighborhood called Vesterbro. One of them is Chicks by Chicks, which opened last year and just got announced as restaurant of the year by the Danish national newspaper Politiken. It might sound strange when I tell you that the place is a traditional rotisserie serving chickens. But there is more to the story about this lovely place located just 10 minutes by foot from Nimb Hotel.

Organic chickens
Chicks by Chicks is not just another rotisserie. All the chickens used are organic, which also counts for almost any other ingredient in the kitchen. Chicks by Chicks is one of those lovely places where you can get wonderful food without getting ripped off. For instance, a whole chicken from the rotisserie costs 195 DKK which is not much more than an organic chicken would set you back in a supermarket.

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