Chicks by Chicks – a chicken paradise

Chicks by chicks

As a hotel, we feel very privileged to have so many interesting restaurants and bars in our neighborhood called Vesterbro. One of them is Chicks by Chicks, which opened last year and just got announced as restaurant of the year by the Danish national newspaper Politiken. It might sound strange when I tell you that the place is a traditional rotisserie serving chickens. But there is more to the story about this lovely place located just 10 minutes by foot from Nimb Hotel.

Organic chickens
Chicks by Chicks is not just another rotisserie. All the chickens used are organic, which also counts for almost any other ingredient in the kitchen. Chicks by Chicks is one of those lovely places where you can get wonderful food without getting ripped off. For instance, a whole chicken from the rotisserie costs 195 DKK which is not much more than an organic chicken would set you back in a supermarket.

The advantage of a rotisserie is the low and slow cooking which ensures juicy and tender meat and a nice roasted flavour due to the closed environment in the rotisserie where the chickens are spinning around for approx. one and a half hour.

The whole chickens are the foundation of the entire menu, which is printed on the table cloth. You can have a whole, a half or a quarter of a chicken and from there you can add different condiments such as roasted potatoes with smoked oil, a cauliflower salad and a chicken stock sauce. And we are not talking about just another sauce. We are probably talking about the chicken sauce in Copenhagen. It is made just as it should be starting as a huge pot of chicken bones topped with water being brought to a boil and reduced to this elixir of goodness only finished with a bit of butter for a velvety texture. Fantastic! I wish that more restaurants would make their sauces like this. It is really worth the extra effort.

A jug of this fantastic sauce costs only 39 kroner – you will not find it better in any Michelin restaurant.

The menu offers a number of snacks and starters as well. Try the croquettes filled with plenty of chicken or the patty shells with a creamy velouté filled with chicken and asparagus.

Patty shell full of good things and topped with crispy chicken skin.

Lovely salad with cauliflower, goat feta cheese and toasted buckwheat.

Croquettes with a filling of the same organic chicken.

Chicks by Chicks is a place that you can return to again and again. You get honest, well-made and very fairly priced food. The wine list is dominated by organic, biodynamic and natural wines as well as Danish cider from Æblerov – they are all worth trying!

Chicks by Chicks
Vesterbrogade 55
1620 København V