Gemyse – our vegetable oasis in Tivoli

When the new Tivoli season started at April 6th it was with several interesting gastronomic news.  The one that excites me the most is Gemyse, our new vegetable focused restaurant. “Gemüse” means vegetables in German and we have twisted that into a more Danish version. The new head chef, Christoffer Brink, underlines the level of ambition behind the restaurant. Together with his former colleague thought many years Jeppe Foldager he won the silver medal at Bocuse d’Or, the unofficial world championship, in 2013.


Gemyse is situated in the middle of Tivoli. The garden is only getting greener as we speak.

With experience from three Michelin starred Geranium as well as Alberto K, Christoffer is used to work with finesse and details at the highest level. He has brought it all with him to Gemyse, where he uses it all to boost the restaurant’s concept: green family style servings with full of precision.

gemyse tivoli

Inside, you will find a mix of individual tables as well as wide community tables.

Vegetables are not just vegetables. To ensure a high standard, Gemyse has teamed up with Aarstiderne, a certified organic producer and provider of fruit and vegetables. This means that all the vegetarian produce at Gemyse is 100 percent organic.

Intense flavours
Good produce is more than half the job done and Christoffer Brink and his team do all they can to present the season’s finest greens as nicely as possible. Vegetables are the enemy of many home cooks but is really does not have to be. Gemyse wants to illustrate that vegetables can make a delicious meal on their own. Fish and meat are available as add-ons to the menu so if you are not ready to go all the way with the greens you can still get a comforting piece of halibut, pork neck or similar. 

No Nordic dogma at Gemyse. You’ll find everything from falafel to naan bread on the menu.

The chefs are not afraid to use all sorts of exotic spices and herbs to bring out more flavour. Expect roasted cauliflower basted in curry butter, a spicy dal etc. This is mixed with Christoffer Brink’s passion for the Nordic cuisine resulting in a nicely balanced menu consisting of pungent dishes as well as more subtle and “clean” ones.

Pork cracklings with peanut sauce. A delicious way to begin the meal.

The menu costs just 250 DKK and is consisting of six green servings. You can add snacks, animal protein and desserts to that if you are in for the full experience. What I would recommend is to try the “Grand tour of the garden” for 550 DKK. For the extra 300 DKK you get a selection of snacks, fish, meat, cheese and desserts – a quite good deal if you ask me.

The snacks and the desserts are plated in the restaurant. Have you noticed all the preserved foods in the back?


Even though the focus is on vegetables, Gemyse serves amazing meat as well, for instance this piece of beef tenderloin.

Something for everyone
I have to say that I really believe that Gemyse is about to become a great success. The focus on a green, sustainable menu is the right way to go and the dishes are executed with precision – Brink’s experience from Bocuse d’Or is easy to spot.

Regardless if you are just in the mood for a small serving or if you are ready for the big experience, Gemyse will be a great choice.