Gro Spiseri – organic rooftop dining at Østerbro

Location, location, location – sometimes it does matter. And makes the difference. If there is one restaurant in Copenhagen that lives up to that standard it is Gro Spiseri at ØsterGro, a rooftop garden in the Østerbro area of Copenhagen. ØsterGro works as a small garden for local members who take part in the work in return of vegetables, herbs and so in.

gro spiseri

The glass house is where the dinner will take place.

A couple of years, a restaurant called Stedsans was added to the rooftop. The incredibly successful restaurant decided to close last year and start a new project in Sweden called Stedsans in the woods.

Luckily, Gro Spiseri has taken over and continued a similar concept based on local organic and biodynamic produce from farms in and around Copenhagen. The dinner takes place in a glass house at a long table where you will get to talk to the other diners during the night.

I have to say that the view from the rooftop as the sun sets is magical, and you can probably not find a more beautiful spot for your dinner during the summer.

Danish apple cider to go with the sunset.

The food fits well with the rest of the concept. It is very honest and easily recognizable food since everything is kept simple and close to the origin of the product. When you are having fresh from the ground products they are actually best when enjoyed in a simple way.

Carrot “tagliatelle” in a creamy sauce topped with flowers from the garden.

The menu consists of five dishes for the very fair price of 400 DKK. The seats are very hard to get. You buy them in advance via this link. It is recommended to subscribe to the newsletter in order to have a chance of buying any tickets. It isn’t easy but it is worth the effort. When the weather is nice, you will not find a more beautiful place to eat in the entire Copenhagen.

Scallops in green surroundings.

Gro Spiseri
Æbeløgade 4, rooftop
2100 Østerbro