John’s Hotdog Deli – a perfect fast food stop in Kødbyen

Denmark is famous for its hotdog stands located at busy streets all over the country. It is an easy way to get a quick meal on the go if you do not have the time to go to a restaurant.

Despite the hotdog stands’ iconic status there has been a decrease in the number of stands throughout the last couple of decades. Sushi, burgers, shawarma and other types of fastfood has gained territory and several hotdog stands have had to close. The wider range of options is one reason for the hotdog “crisis”. Another one is due to the simple fact that too many stands have been serving hotdogs based on terrible industrial products, which are neither healthy or satisfying to eat.

Meet John
There has been a change during the last couple of years. The hotdog movement has gained new energy and become much more quality orientated. For instance the yearly Danish hotdog championship has been an important factor in bringing back the pride to the business. One of the pioneers in this movement is John Michael Jensen, who for 10 years has been running John’s Hotdog Deli next to the main station and just across the street from Nimb.

johns hotdog deli

John Michael Jensen is a characteristic person with his long hair and beard is well as a ring in each ear.

There, the almost pirat looking guy has introduced high quality alternatives to the mass produced sausages etc. Who says that fast food also has to be bad food? The sausages are made of meat from free range animals and the different sauces and pickles are homemade using different specialties such as Mikkeller beer and Friis-Holm chocolate.

In addition to his mobile hotdog stand, John Michael Jensen has opened John’s Hotdog Deli in Kødbyen, Copenhagen’s meatpacking district, which has turned into a popular foodie area full of great bars, markets and restaurants. IN the deli is the possibility to sit down either inside or outside when the weather is nice.

Build your own
Whereas John samples the entire hotdog at his mobile stand, you will do some of the work at the deli in Kødbyen. You to the counter, get your bread and sausage (made the the Hallegård butcher at Bornholm) and from there you have carte blanche to build your own hotdog just the way you like it. You will find everything from caramelized onion compote with bacon to pickles Jerusalem artichokes, bell pepper relish and pickled red cabbage as well as a wide selection of sauces. I like the fact that there is a zink just next to the condiment section because your hands will get dirty and sticky eventually.

It takes good ingredients to make good hotdogs. The sausages come from the Hallegård butcher at Bornholm.

A wide range of condiments are available for your hotdog.

The price for one hotdog is 50 DKK, which I find extremely fair. It is no secret that the street food in Copenhagen is quite expensive and having that in mind, 50 DKK for a big hotdog is totally alright.

This it what a proper hotdog looks like.

Make sure to pay John’s Hotdog Deli a visit when you wander though Kødbyen – this is how a proper Danish hotdog is supposed to be and I am sure that this discrete little shop will become a great success.

John’s Hotdog Deli
Flæsketorvet 39
1711 Copenhagen

Learn more at John’s Hotdog Deli’s Facebook page.