Nimb Afternoon Tea – luxurious pastry in calming surroundings

Whereas in England, afternoon tea is a well known, common thing to do, Denmark has not had a tradition of going out for tea during the afternoon. Obviously we have something to drink and eat during the afternoon but it is not a ritual that we celebrate in any way.

At least until recently. To my opinion, Nimb Hotel has one of the most beautiful bars in the entire Copenhagen. The high ceilings, the enormous chandeliers, the beautiful wooden floors and the crackling fireplace are just a few reasons why the room is magical. Though decades and decades the room has facilitated extraordinary parties and other social events so it really comes with a long history.

Welcome to Nimb Bar, where the afternoon tea takes place.

In this lovely room, Nimb has introduced a delicious version of afternoon tea created by our very own pastry chef Torben Bang known as one of the best in Denmark. His lovely creations combined with the beautiful, calming settings guarantee you a couple of hours of pure enjoyment.

Despite being mostly known for his cakes, Torben Bang also knows how to handle the savory part of a meal. Hence the afternoon tea starts with a plate of cucumber sandwiches, croissants with a filling of creamy smoked salmon salad, crispy rye bread to top with duck rillettes as well as a fruit and nut bread with blue cheese. His background as a pastry chefs shines positively through. Everything is needly decorated and the textures and flavors are all balanced.

nimb afternoon tea

The first serving includes a nice selection of savory treats.

Brioche cucumber sandwich.

A serving of tea buns and “kringle” a speciel type of Danish, follows. A tea bun can quickly turn in to something boring as it easily dries out. But that does not happen in the hands of Torben Bang. It is moist with a deliciously spongy texture and topped with salted butter and blackcurrant marmelade it is a great thing to have with a cup of tea.

Tea buns with butter and blackcurrant as well as “kringle”.

Mentioning the tea, this is obviously an important part of this concept. There is a wide selection of tea to choose from and it comes as a part of the menu – feel free to try out as many as you like. The teas are special blends and as with wine, you can pair different teas with each of the servings.

Back to the food. I mentioned the “kringle”, which is a braided type of puff pastry, in this case with marzipan, blueberries and chocolate. Kringle has to be flaky, buttery and not too sweet and this one is a perfect example. The classic comes with marzipan and raisins but I really like this version with blueberries and chocolate.

There is more! As a short intermezzo, a little cone filled with lemon ice cream and blueberry meringue is put on the table. The cold refreshments works as a nice refreshment before the delicious piece of mousse cake with a vanilla bottom, red grapefruit compote and a mousse made with Sweet France Tea. Again, the textures work perfectly together balancing and enhancing each other.

Cone filled with lemon ice cream and blueberry meringue.

Mousse cake – the final serving … almost!

Just as you might think that the show is over, a trolley full of sweet treats is driven to the table. There are three kinds of macarons, a salt caramel filled chocolate, dark and white chocolate pralines just to mention a few. I especially recommend the chocolate with salt caramel as well as the licorice macaron – we Danes simply love licorice.

You are in the good hands of talented and attentive waiters throughout the entire afternoon.

Some of the sweet treats from the trolley.

So how much will this lovely setup set you back? The answer is 295 DKK including all the tea you would like to have. Compared to going out for lunch or dinner you certainly get to try many different things throughout a couple of cosy hours in good company. I warmly recommend you to try it!

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