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Culinary-wise, the world has so much to thank the French for; rich, complex sauces, buttery, flaky croissants and the most wonderful cheeses, just to mention a few things; the world would simply not be the same without French gastronomy. At Nimb Brasserie, they want to honor the French cuisine by being true to the the proud brasserie traditions. After a few years of flirting with a mix of French and Nordic cooking, the chefs have gone back to basics bringing in the all-time classics from the French brasseries. We are talking flambéed steak au poivre, crepe Suzette, steak tartare and a beautiful cheese trolley.

nimb brasserie

Flambéing is an element that Nimb Brasserie has decided to reintroduce. Preparing the dishes table side adds another dimension to the dining experience. Crepe Suzette, flambéed pancakes with citrus fruits and caramel, it one of the classics that Nimb Brasserie has on the menu.

What is a brasserie?
The term “brasserie” is sometimes confused with “bistro”. A bistro is a simple place without too many comfortable elements like upholstered chairs, big tables etc. The food in a bistro is typically rustic. It could be a nice stew or a piece of paté on baguette. The number of waiters is limited since the idea is to offer simple, well-made food at a good price.
On the other hand, a brasserie is offering a more comfortable, attentive experience for its guests having more waiters, comfortable furniture and attractive surroundings. The food is made by top quality products guaranteeing a special experience for the guests.

This is exactly what Nimb Brasserie aims to offer. The chefs have found outstanding produce like Bresse chicken from France, Hiddenfjord salmon from The Faroe Islands and organic vegetables from Aarstiderne outside Copenhagen. The incredible products are turned into French classics like whole roasted chicken carved table side by the waiters. It has been highly prioritized to educate the front of house to handle these traditional elements of the waiter’s profession, which is rarely seen these days, to make sure that the guests are in good hands when their waiter arrives it the table.

The connection between the guests and the service team is an essential part of a great dining experience. Our floor manager Anders is telling an anecdote about the birth of the crepe Suzette.

Highligts from the menu
Traditional brasserie dishes might seem simple but they are not easy to master. Fans of the French cuisine will most likely have tasted a classic tartare or crepe Suzette before, which means that you cannot fool anyone by serving imperfect dishes. The kitchen and the front of house have really managed to work together creating the best conditions for a successful result with perfectly prepared elements being finalized be the waiters in front of the guests.

Here, I want to show you some highlights from the dinner menu:

The Bresse chicken
The Bresse chicken from the eastern part of France might be the most spoiled poultry in the world. With 10 square meters per bird the Bresse chickens have more space than a Copenhagen-based student in a dorm room. They have a protected designation of origin just to underline the extraordinary quality of the product. Each chicken is living free range for at least four months on a diet of cereals and dairy products and all the insects they can find.
At Nimb Brasserie, the chefs enjoy to present the whole bird and thus it is a serving for two. It is carved table side and served with seasonal vegetables and sauce supreme based on heavily reduced chicken stock. If you haven’t tried a Bresse chicken before, you will notice how firm the meat is, and especially the thighs are much darker due to the high activity level of each chicken.

A Bresse chicken is a very special product and it is a great experience to see the whole animal.

nimb brasserie

The chicken is carved table side.

Steak tartare
During the 2010s, no Copenhagen-based restaurant with respect for itself has had a menu without tartare. You will find it in an endless number of variations all adding something new to this legendary dish. The tartare at Nimb Brasserie is true to the classic French version. The waiters bring all the elements ranging from shallots to several types of Tabasco to the table and they mix it according to your preferences. In an ideal steak tartare, you have the perfect balance between the different and it should be creamy but not too creamy. To my opinion, the waiters are spot on with this version.

It takes trained taste buds to make a perfect tartare and the guests at Nimb Brasserie should expect no less than that.

Crepe Suzette
Crepe Suzette, pancakes in a caramel and citrus sauce, might sound like a simple dish but is has so many layers and it is hard to get exactly right. I will save the nice anecdote about the birth of crepe Suzette for you until you try it yourself. In the meantime, I can reveal that it is an utterly delicious dessert. First, suger is melted into caramel. Then a generous amount of butter is added before freshly squeezed lemon and orange juice go into the pan. Then the pancakes get placed in the pan to absorb the sauce before the whole thing gets a little extra heat from the flames of the ignited Cognac and Grand Marnier. The delightful dessert is topped with two nice scoops of vanilla ice-cream. Enjoy!

The perfect starter kit for a successful crepe Suzette: Sugar, butter, citrus fruits and pancakes.

I thought that it would be nice to finish off with a picture of these delicious profiteroles filled with vanilla ice-cream and topped with warm chocolate sauce. Of course, these are on the menu as well.

Nimb Brasserie
Bernstorffsgade 5
1577 Copenhagen

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