Our patissier has won price at Cake of the Year 2017

nimb afternoon tea

nimb afternoon tea

This beauty is made by Nimb’s patissier Sofie Brandi.

March 11 was a great day for one of our patissier Sofie Brandi. Her cake won the the press award at Cake of the Year 2017 in front of more than 100 other beautiful cakes. It is a great achievement for Sofie, who is just 24 years old.

When she is not competing the is the right hand of our head patissier, Torben Bang, who is running the afternoon tea in the upper room bar at Nimb. Already at the age of 15 she decided to become a baker and after moving from Jutland to Copenhagen she chose to top that by training as a confectioner as well.

About the cake she says:

“I wanted to do something different for the competition. To stand out among so beautiful cakes you need to surprise the judges. Therefore, I decided to go with a very distinct flavour of bergamotte,” Sofie Brandi says.

nimb cake

Sofie Brandi with her winning cake based on chocolate and bergamot.

Bergamot explosion
I had the pleasure of being in the press judging panel, and it was a true honor to taste to many amazing cakes by very skilled patissiers. You might think that I am biased by the fact that I work for Nimb but I can honestly say that none of us received any information about the cakes beforehand. Each cake had a number and nothing else so we had no chance to give preferencial to any of them. I remember Sofie’s cake being one of the last served and even after more than 45 cakes it stood out as a very distinct and perfectly balanced cake.

The base is a ring of shortcrust pastry filled with a crispy disk of earl grey merengue. The ring is filled with a fluffy chocolate and earl grey cremeux and topped with a milk chocolate disk lying in dots of chocolate and earl grey ganache. The hole in the middle is filled with a gel of earl grey tea and fresh bergamot juice and finally the beauty is finished with a thin bergamot merengue on top.

“The tricky thing is to make the cake taste of bergamot. The juice itself is not the most distinct part of the fruit so you need to add something extra. Therefore I used earl grey tea which is known for its significant flavour of bergamot zest. In combination with the bergamot juice you get a very fresh cake with clear flavour and taste of the product, which mas my main ambition,” Sofie Brandi explains.

The cake looks great from above as well.

Together with Torben Bang, Sofie Brandi is making beautiful cakes for the afternoon tea – hope to see you in the bar soon.