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Coffee is not just coffee anymore. A couple of decades ago, the Danes learned to drink espresso-based coffees like caffe latte and espresso. The focus was very much on the brewing method, and the shiny Italian machines gained their territory at cafés all around the country. With the new Nordic movement, a new coffee trend started to take place. The light, elegant food inspired the restaurants to serve lighter styles of coffee going back to the Danes’ household brewing method number one: filter coffee. To emphasize the lightness of this brewing method, lighter coffee roasts started to appear in these restaurants resulting in a more fruity, tea-like type of coffee. Many restaurants furthermore introduced more acidic coffee varieties to give freshness to the beverage. They did not even stop there. Some restaurants almost refused to serve milk with the coffee. It is no exaggeration to say that there were some guests, writers etc. being slightly unhappy with the new trend after having spent decades learning to drink rich, darkly roasted espressos.

The Hario V60 brewing method has gained ground at the Danish coffee scene. Prolog Coffee Bar makes some of the best.

Slowly, this lighter style of coffee has found its place at the coffee family tree and coffee bars such as Coffee Collective and Copenhagen Coffee Lab have successfully introduced the light filter coffee. A part of this wave has also been a much higher focus on the coffee’s origin. Just like wine, coffee beans taste differently, depending on the varietal, the terroir and the following treatment, and to emphasize these differences you can get single origin coffees from all over the world instead of blends all tasting the same. Coffee Collective works directly with the coffee growers paying them a better price for the coffee.

Kødbyen’s coffee geeks
A still fairly new addition to the growing coffee bar scene in Copenhagen is Prolog Coffee Bar in Kødbyen, Copenhagen’s old meatpacking district. It opened its doors last year and has quickly become a hangout for coffee enthusiasts and chefs. Recently, René Redzepi and Ferran Adria – two world class chefs – showed up together to get a cup of coffee.

“It was such an honor to make coffee for two of the greatest chefs in the world,” co-owner and co-founder Jonas Gehl says.

prolog coffee bar

Meet Jonas Gehl and Sebastian Quistorff, the owners of Prolog Coffee Bar in Copenhagen’s old meatpacking district.

Jonas Gehl and his partner, Sebastian Quistorff, work with coffee from small growers all over the world and they roast the beans themselves to make sure that the coffee is exactly the way they like it. They make all sorts off coffee ranging from the light and elegant filter coffee made by using the V60 method to the most irresistible cappuccino you’ll find in Copenhagen.

prolog coffee bar

You don’t want to miss out on this cappuccino. The foam is evenly spread from top to bottom and there is a distinct and elegant coffee flavour all way through.

To ensure that every cup of coffee is perfect, Sebastian and Jonas measure their coffee brews everyday using an advanced scale. They leave nothing to chance.

Prolog Coffee Bar use advanced tools to measure their coffee.

Sebastian Quistorff is recording the measurements.

These guys are also extremely passionate about service. They are happy to tell you everything about their coffee but they won’t dictate what you should drink. Good service is everything and these guys know it.

Do not be afraid to arrive with a bit of appetite. Prolog Coffee Bar serves freshly baked flaky croissants, iberico ham and a selection of small servings based on crisp bread.

Make sure to pay them a visit. They are only a five minute walk from Copenhagen’s main station away.

Prolog Coffee Bar
Høkerboderne 16
1712 København V