Restaurant MES – great value for money in Central Copenhagen

A great thing about the great fine dining scene in Copenhagen is that it has risen the interest for high level gastronomy among locals as well as foodies from abroad. The intensified interest from more and more guests to dine out more often has opened the doors for the mid-range restaurants in the city. They seek for the almost same level of gastronomy but with a more casual setting, less staff and fancy interior to ensure a better price for the customers.

One of these places is Mes close to the town hall square. Mads Magnusson is the chef-owner, and at Mes he serves the food he likes to eat himself. The style is Nordic and seasonal with bold flavors and plenty of deliciousness. The level goes into the gourmet light category.

For just DKK 50 you will get four snacks to kick off the dinner.

Crispy dough shells with dried tomato – another snack at Mes.

The menu is consisting of five courses for DKK 350. In addition to that you can order a selection of snacks for DKK 50. Mes has a quite interesting wine profile, which is another reason to pay them a visit. The focus is on German wine and the region Jura in Eastern France. I really embrace this narrowed focus. It gives the guests the opportunity to get to learn much more about certain areas during the dinner and I’m sure there will be something that suits your taste. To many, especially the oxidized wines from the Jura region are quite a different experience with their nutty, bold flavors. I truly adore them and I feel confident that you will too.

restaurant mes

If you choose the wine pairing at Mes, you will for sure experience some of the characteristic wines from the Jura region in France.

The dining room is quite small and intimate. The atmosphere is relaxed thanks to the waiters who want you to calm down and enjoy your evening. They will happily tell you a lot of good stories about the wines you’ll be drinking if you like them to.

Impressing food
Having in mind that the menu will only set you back DKK 350, it is a truly impressive meal. Each course has character, balance and lots of deliciousness and some of the dishes even have the complexity to be served in a one Michelin-starred restaurant to my opinion. Go and see for yourself – you won’t regret it!

Scallops and small cucumbers covered with with an anchovy sauce.

Barley risotto, sour cream and egg yolk.

Restaurant Mes
Jarmers Plads 1
1551 Copenhagen