The amazing Bresse chicken

nimb brasserie

nimb brasserie

In this post you can get to know the Bresse chicken a bit better. At Nimb Brasserie, the precious bird is served whole and carved table side.

Sadly, the world is full of terrible poultry products based on chickens spending their short lives under miserable circumstances. They are raised in huge production houses without seeing any grass, herbs or worms through their entire life. Furthermore, the chickens have been bred to grow unnaturally fast, meaning that one chicken can go from 40 grams to two kilos in just 38 days. The consequence for the animal is that it often cannot carry its own weight. In other words: A chicken farmed like this has very little to do with the way a chicken is supposed to live and that compromises the welfare as well as the quality of the meat.

Texture is important
A chicken that has only had 38 days to get the right size for slaughtering will have a very different texture to the one of a free range chicken. What you might confuse with tenderness is simply meat fibers without strength. As you presumably know, it takes a bit of exercise to build strong muscles and mass produced chickens do not have the space or time for that. Just to make things worse, a lot of chicken meat is pumped with water breaking down the texture even more.

Meet the Bresse chicken
On the other hand, some chickens are still raised with dignity. The best example might be the Bresse chicken from the eastern part of France and this is the chicken that Nimb Brasserie uses for its whole roasted chicken serving.  Since 1957, the Bresse chicken has had a protected designation of origin, meaning that the product can only be produced in the Bresse region. Within the region, the farmers have to follow the strict production rules in order to use the brand.

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