SEA by Kiin Kiin – elegant Thai flavours at Nyhavn

There’s no doubt that the last decade in Danish gastronomy has been about the new Nordic cuisine. But alongside this great revolution Copenhagen has had the exclusive honor of being the hometown of the only Thai restaurant with a Michelin star in Europe since David Thompson’s Nahm in London lost its star in 2011.

sea by kiin kiin

SEA by Kiin Kiin is situated at the very end of Nyhavn. Come inside as I will guide you through my meal.

The name of the restaurant is Kiin Kiin and the founder, Henrik Yde, has shown Danes as well as tourists that Thai food can keep up with the more “fine” cuisines around the world. Throughout the years he has been expanding his portfolio of Asian restaurants in Copenhagen and last year he opened three new restaurants; a restaurant serving the world-wide trendy steamed buns called bao, VeVe, a vegetarian fine dining restaurant and finally SEA by Kiin Kiin, which is supposed to me a more casual place still serving elegantly presented food in comfortable surroundings. The latter is the one I will try to give you a further introduction to right here.

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