Chicks by Chicks – a chicken paradise

Chicks by chicks

As a hotel, we feel very privileged to have so many interesting restaurants and bars in our neighborhood called Vesterbro. One of them is Chicks by Chicks, which opened last year and just got announced as restaurant of the year by the Danish national newspaper Politiken. It might sound strange when I tell you that the place is a traditional rotisserie serving chickens. But there is more to the story about this lovely place located just 10 minutes by foot from Nimb Hotel.

Organic chickens
Chicks by Chicks is not just another rotisserie. All the chickens used are organic, which also counts for almost any other ingredient in the kitchen. Chicks by Chicks is one of those lovely places where you can get wonderful food without getting ripped off. For instance, a whole chicken from the rotisserie costs 195 DKK which is not much more than an organic chicken would set you back in a supermarket.

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