Nimb Brasserie – true to the French traditions

Culinary-wise, the world has so much to thank the French for; rich, complex sauces, buttery, flaky croissants and the most wonderful cheeses, just to mention a few things; the world would simply not be the same without French gastronomy. At Nimb Brasserie, they want to honor the French cuisine by being true to the the proud brasserie traditions. After a few years of flirting with a mix of French and Nordic cooking, the chefs have gone back to basics bringing in the all-time classics from the French brasseries. We are talking flambéed steak au poivre, crepe Suzette, steak tartare and a beautiful cheese trolley.

nimb brasserie

Flambéing is an element that Nimb Brasserie has decided to reintroduce. Preparing the dishes table side adds another dimension to the dining experience. Crepe Suzette, flambéed pancakes with citrus fruits and caramel, it one of the classics that Nimb Brasserie has on the menu.

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