You should try the new menu at Gemyse!

I have the pleasure of eating at many great restaurants around the world and I know good food when I see it. Therefore, I am very happy to share with you the new menu by our new head chef af Gemyse, Mette Dahlgaard.

Mette has been with Bo Bech for ten consecutive years and to our luck, she has decided to begin her next chapter in Tivoli.

She will maintain – and develop – the DNA at Gemyse, meaning that she will continue to serve only the best local organic vegetables in order for you to experience how much flavour you can put into a fully vegetarian menu. As always, you can add fish or meat to the menu if you like.

Here are some pictures from the menu with I am very enthusiastic about.

The most beautiful beetroot tartar. You mix all the ingredients together yourself.

Baked Jerusalem artichokes with a divine sauce of brown butter and toasted oat.

Celeriac in three ways.

Small potatoes with confit egg yolk.

Duck breast with rehydrated carrots and a sauce of brown butter, mustard and brown sugar.

Glazed beef tenderloin with caramelized onions – look at that crust!

Cabbage and blue cheese. 

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Gemyse – our vegetable oasis in Tivoli

When the new Tivoli season started at April 6th it was with several interesting gastronomic news.  The one that excites me the most is Gemyse, our new vegetable focused restaurant. “Gemüse” means vegetables in German and we have twisted that into a more Danish version. The new head chef, Christoffer Brink, underlines the level of ambition behind the restaurant. Together with his former colleague thought many years Jeppe Foldager he won the silver medal at Bocuse d’Or, the unofficial world championship, in 2013.


Gemyse is situated in the middle of Tivoli. The garden is only getting greener as we speak.

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