John’s Hotdog Deli – a perfect fast food stop in Kødbyen

Denmark is famous for its hotdog stands located at busy streets all over the country. It is an easy way to get a quick meal on the go if you do not have the time to go to a restaurant.

Despite the hotdog stands’ iconic status there has been a decrease in the number of stands throughout the last couple of decades. Sushi, burgers, shawarma and other types of fastfood has gained territory and several hotdog stands have had to close. The wider range of options is one reason for the hotdog “crisis”. Another one is due to the simple fact that too many stands have been serving hotdogs based on terrible industrial products, which are neither healthy or satisfying to eat.

Meet John
There has been a change during the last couple of years. The hotdog movement has gained new energy and become much more quality orientated. For instance the yearly Danish hotdog championship has been an important factor in bringing back the pride to the business. One of the pioneers in this movement is John Michael Jensen, who for 10 years has been running John’s Hotdog Deli next to the main station and just across the street from Nimb. Continue reading